The Silent Justice Issue ::: How to Speak Life



When it comes to justice, we need to not only be willing to talk about homelessness, feeding the hungry, medical issues and racism. We need to talk about what is at the root of it all. We need to be talking about the giving and taking of life.


Abortion is such a polarizing word. It elicits hurts of past abortions. It harbors resentment for the way it has been treated in our nation. It breeds pain and negativity and it pushes the borders among God’s people even farther. And Satan loves this. He is winning win it comes to the polarization of His people over the very breath of life. How disgusting — how much the church needs to wake up.


55 million abortions since Roe v Wade. Do you feel those lives in your hands? Because what if it was one of your own? What if you were in a panic and touch spot? What if you didn’t know there were other options? What if it were you? What if you had been the one aborted?


Life is only life when we want it to be a life. We do this to erase the guilt, but there is no denying a beating heart and full-fledgde human in a mother’s womb with our modern day technology. We are taking away lives of babes that never get to look into their mom’s eyes. This is justice we need to stand up for.


Sadly, we can’t seem to stand up very well. When most of us think of standing for life, they thing of picket signs and hovering outside a Planned Parenthood. What if there was a different option? What if we did what Jesus did? What if this is how we fought justice?


In your neighborhood, I guarantee there is a pregnancy center that loves and cares and extends grace and mercy to girls in pregnancies that were never on their time tables. They thought they would be the exception to the rule, that they wouldn’t get pregnant, but they did. God authored it into their book. During the day, I work at Liberty Women’s Clinic and every day, women and their partners, walk in scared. They have had stones thrown at them by their friends, their parents, their friend’s parents — and the church.


Wake up church.


We can’t throw stones at the girl who has never known Jesus. So why not let her taste Jesus?


At LWC, girls experience love. They watch us draw a line in the sand and say, “whoever has not sinned, cast the first stone.” Instead of stones, each girl gets Jesus looking her square in the face; reaching into new places in her soul and coming away clean. We love the girl. We love the life.


The beauty of these clinics is each woman (usually) gets to see her kicking, squirming, bouncing, alive baby inside of her. Nine out of ten times the girl chooses life because she gets it. Not because she was force fed Jesus, but because she tasted Him.


And even more radical, if she leaves and walks directly into Planned Parenthood and decides to kill her baby, we love her still. WE LOVE HER STILL. We grieve the baby. We grieve the hurt, but we love relentlessly. Our prayer is that all our girls go and sin no more, but the reality is, until she really knows Jesus, sin will wreck havoc inside her body.


Dear church, stop remaining hush about the greatest justice topic of all. There are opportunities all around you to speak into life. Find your nearest pregnancy center, volunteer, participate, donate, pray. If you know a girl walking through a pregnancy, don’t condemn her. Neither condemn the beautiful woman who has has an abortion. If you know both, extend grace on both sides, but don’t stay silent. Love recklessly. Get involved in the most important piece of justice – the piece that all other justice causes take their root in – the justice of life.


Why do we stay silent about this issue? What have you seen done well when it comes to the issue of life?

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