The Prayer Group: An Introduction

The Prayer Group: An Introduction


I pray. Honestly, I do pray. I pray before meals (mostly), at church service, when I’m in trouble and need help…. How about you?

Welcome to modern American Christian life.

We get it. Here at Imperfectly Brave, every one of us has been there. And we have discovered that this kind of prayer is not enough. It’s just not satisfying the need and the longing of our souls. Because we were created for more.

We were not meant to be alone; we were meant to be in fellowship with one another. It’s true of our physical lives, and it’s true of our spiritual lives.

You are not reading this by accident. It is no coincidence you have come across this on the Internet (on whatever platform). You instinctively know that God is meeting with you right here–right now. God is calling you into something…more.

Imperfectly Brave is about creating a lifestyle of community and prayer. In the next few weeks, we’ll look at what the Bible has to say about praying with others, and we’ll offer up some ideas on how to actually do that in real life.

Because saying grace before a meal is good. Reciting the Lord’s Prayer in church is good. Crying out for help when we are in trouble is good.

Praying together is fantastic.

Meet your prayer group specialist:

Diana Dunne is a retired school teacher, mother of two, and a self-described geek. Married to husband Mike for over forty years, she is at home in Liberty, MO. Diana loves the Lord, life, and writing. She volunteers at Liberty Women’s Clinic, a Christ-centered crisis pregnancy center. She enjoys playing with her two dogs, crafting poems, and writing and editing for Imperfectly Brave.