I turned thirty this week and a girl has gotta have goals because don’t you know watching HGTV and Joanna Gaines for the rest of my life could cause bedsores.  Worth it? Maybe. But really, I am walking into this decade EYES WIDE OPEN. And this girl has life to live and I know you do, too.




1. Fear God and His Voice more than the world and it’s voice


2. Eat a whole hamburger and not feel guilty about it


3. Not let church people scare me


4. Write and speak to encourage women as we all walk nearer and nearer to our living God


5. Make a killer margarita


6. Go dancing with my husband at least once a year


7. Be the kind of mom my girls know will always be there for them NO MATTER WHAT


8. Compliment more people more


9. Hang out with more widows


10. Hang out with more homeless


11. Stand up for LIFE and the unborn (+ all the injustices + be the voice)


12. Pray first instead of panicking — dig deeper into praying with ceasing


13. Spend a whole day in my jammies watching movies with my family (because this is hard)


14.Open my home to my neighbors at least once a month


15. Be kind – be known for kindness


16. Pray with people – instead of telling them I will pray for them, I will choose to pray with them


17. Do a triathalon


18. See Imperfectly Brave Living in print and watch women live it

*** this one thousand times***


19. Be all kinds of brave in my own life – because Jesus makes me brave


20. Toss tradition and pursue only the Bible and its ways


21. Swim in the ocean with my littles


22. Pray like crazy for their salvation


23. Witness miracles and tell others of God’s glory


24. Wear big hats more


25. Start a dance party somewhere at some point – maybe at the IBL conference?

***Again, yes one thousand times***


26. Be ok with being friends with people in the church (can I tell you how many times people have told me that a pw can’t be friends with people in the church? A girl has gotta live. Let’s laugh together or something.)


27. See Hillsong live or Bethel Music – preferably both – preferably soon


28. Pursue authentic community with my friends


29. Go to Round Top with my bests – or just a road trip – but really Round Top with a trailer because husbands. We already plead guilty.


30. AND Pray for revival – pray that it starts in me


So there they are – the long and short of them. Which ones are your fav? Which ones can we do together? Here’s a thought: Let’s do them together! I can’t even name which ones we should do together. All of them? I feel really good about combining the burger with Round Top or maybe swimming in the ocean with big hats? Or let’s all get dressed up and go dancing? Right now, OK. Thirty already feels so good.

4 Responses

  1. You can hang out with this widow anytime…and bring the killer margarita!

  2. round top!!!!
    Pray first!
    Love you and love being 30 with you!

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