Unleashed from Perfectionism ::: How to Stop Being Motionless



Francis Chan said — our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.


I agree. So does the Bible.


Not one person in the Bible lived out their earthly ministry perfectly except for Jesus Christ. Yet, what is holding women back from stepping into their brave lives is fear of not doing something right; rather fear of not doing something perfectly. We plan and track and coerce and manipulate our worlds so that the outcomes will come out to our version of perfect.


We want the perfect kids, so we make sure they are in all the right places with all the right clubs and all the right grades. We want the perfect homes, so we search and spend and clean so that another women might mention how lovely our home looks. We want perfect jobs, so risk seems dangerous. We want control, so we hold tightly to our to-do lists, and in so doing we miss out on the very breaths of God.


Fear is holding us at bay. We run around trying to control a world that is being sustained in space by a God who might just breathe today and cast all our upright dominoes in a downright position. When we are unleashed to a standard of obedience, rather than perfection, our lives will reflect the compelling love of Christ.


What would it mean for you to be unleashed from perfection?


God never required a perfect home, perfect life, perfect kid, perfect world to step into His courts — He only requires a pure heart. He only wants us to linger at His feet. He wants to give us the good portion. When we believe that our lives will bring about great change because of our pursuit of perfection, we have believed the lie and lessened God. GOD. Heaven forbid, I stand before Him and He says in love, “Why did you try to subdue my ways?” God is not a manageable warrior. He will not fit into our tiny hands. Let’s remember who we are serving.


When we pursue perfectionism over Christ we dilute the unimaginable works of an Almighty God. When we dig our nails into our lives for any resemblance of control we are trying to tame a God who was never meant to be tamed. God won’t be subdued, He will always be moving. Whether or not we choose to become a part of the story is up to us.


Let’s not miss out on what He is doing. We can step into the adventure if we actually live surrendered. When we live by perfection, we live a life of mediocrity. Although life feels calculated and planned it is not the life God has for us. He has a life of wholeness and greatness for His people. Yes, the Christian life will be one full of difficulty and suffering, but it will also be one of power and freedom. We are a force to be reckoned with because of who we know. God can’t be watered down, not by our perfect pursuits and not by our desire for control. But we can miss where He is moving if we cling more tightly to perfectionism than to Christ. All He wants is a girl after His own heart. This will be the bravest girl – the girl found in His courts.


How can you relinquish the pursuit of perfectionism for the pursuit of Christ?



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  1. More of Him and less of me…..and then the things of Earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of Him!

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