What is Imperfectly Brave Living?

After a week of orange jumpsuits, brave men, and a mourning for the persecuted church – isn’t it time for us all to be brave?


Imperfectly Brave Living is for every woman, therein lies the difficulty. Sometimes I wish Imperfectly Brave Living were just for one season, one month or one obstacle. Rather, imperfectly brave living is for all women, every single day of every single month of every single year.


Try not to get overwhelmed.


(I currently rest in a state of overwhelmed thus my love for coffee and the Bible).




As I have wrestled through this concept for over a year now, what I know for sure are five things. (I don’t know many things for sure except for Jesus and the cross. This FOR SURE thing has come from the cross and cross alone).


So what are they? The five steps to imperfectly brave living? The five steps that will radically impact our world?


  1. Get intimate with God
  2. Listen to Him
  3. Obey Him
  4. Don’t looking right or left
  5. Repeat


Phew. It sounds so simple doesn’t it? It sounds like a walk in the park sipping lattes and listening to birds chirp.


Absolutely not.




In fact, why don’t we ask NoahMosesJoshuaMaryCalebPaulPeterRahabSarahAbrahamJosephDavidJonahRachelJeremiahIsaiahJohnetcetcetc

about being imperfectly brave. I guarantee they could school us.


Imperfectly Brave is about getting intimate with God. This comes with a cost. Getting intimate with God means making time for Him. It means He becomes our main priority however that looks in our life. Realistically for me, it means I chose Him over the LOUD sound of the world.


Am I perfect at this? Absolutely not. Do I try? Absolutely.


Imperfectly Brave is about listening to Him. When we dive into His Word, He will reveal something to us. How it is revealed is up to Him. His Word is living and inspired. Each time I open it, I get the chance to live a more inspired life empowered by God Almighty.


Am I perfect at this? Absolutely not. Do I try? Absolutely.


Imperfectly Brave Living is about obeying Him. After I read His Word and He has given me eyes to see what I need to see, I then have the opportunity to act.


Am I perfect at this? Absolutely not. Do I try? Absolutely.


Imperfectly Brave Living is about not looking to the right or left. This is such a biggie. Why? Because bravely living is going to hang differently on everybody. One person’s brave thing could look radically different than another persons. But this is GOOD. One person’s brave might be to ask someone to coffee or speak up in bible study. Another person’s brave might be to write a book or go to an orphanage. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT IT IS. It matters that He asked and we concede.


Am I perfect at this? Absolutely not. Do I try? Absolutely.


Then, Repeat.


Before we all usher in imperfectly brave living, there is one more thing. One more overarching umbrella thing we all need to know about.


As I have hashed this out, my family has been the brunt of the hashing. This weekend my mom and sister were in town and we had a ball. A BALL. We laughed and we cried. We ate pasta sauce that literally must have had butter in it because OH MY GOSH. We shopped and we played with babies on our tummies. WE DANCED. We rested. We loved.




And we talked about imperfectly brave.

(Bless my whole family 1,989,382,749 times over).


As we parted ways we all asked each other how we were going to be brave this week. My sister shared her places. I shared my places. Then my mom shared her places. (This is beautiful, ya’ll. To hear people’s places and their hearts. It is like pure gold).


My mom, with tears on her face and tears in her throat, looked deeply into my eyes and said, “I am willing.”


Willingness is the umbrella. Willingness is the lovely fragrance that lingers at His throne. Willingness is like pouring ointment at His feet only to wipe His toes with our tears.


Imperfectly Brave Living will radically change our world, our church, His girls, His people, but it has to start somewhere. The movement has to start in us. In you. In me. In willing hearts.

1,000,000 women

1,000 women

100 women

1 woman


However many women He chooses to use, there is one thing for certain. Willing hearts will change the world.


If you are ready, ask yourself, “How is He asking me to be brave today?” What is He speaking into my heart? As you put one foot in front of the other in faith, know that you aren’t alone. There is any army of us walking alongside you. Waiting and walking and watching how God will change the world through willing hearts.


Join us.


“I will be imperfectly brave today by _______________________.” #willing

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