Why You Have To Fight For Peace

Imperfectly Brave


Yeah, I know. You are holding your breath right now. Fight. The gun is loaded before your tongue can even begin moving. But please, before you fire your comments, because yes, peace on earth, please listen. Let me define my fight.


We lit our candle this week for peace. I watched the family walk up the steps and the child smile bright because light does that. It illuminates the smile. It gives ways to the childlike wonder. It ushers in hope for those that run to it. And this week we run to peace.


But how? In this world? Peace. We were just attacked in San Bernardino. And one week ago, Paris. And not to mention the bullies in schools. And the toe-crunching at work. And the whisperers in the lunchroom and the whistles on the road. It goes without discussing the hopeless newsfeeds and the gray skies. The woman on the side of the road. The man with thin clothes. We don’t need to mention the babies never given life nor the woman being trafficked.


But still, peace.


In this world, peace. Ha. HA. How can there ever be peace? And we all go back to the beauty queen standing on the stage declaring peace on earth and for all the blonde-hair-dye in the world, I nod my head one big head nod, YES. Yes, peace on earth. Let’s give that girl a crown, because yes to peace everywhere in all the nooks and crannies. In all the broken cracks. In all the words and squabbles. Peace. Peace on earth.


But then, reality. We all take one big step off our beauty queen stage and turn on the news for one iota of one millisecond and we remember. Not peace. There is not peace on this earth. So how in the world can the Christian light a candle eighteen days before our most celebrated day of the year and actually believe for peace?


Because Him. Because Christ. Because He is peace. Prince of Peace.


And here goes the change. Let’s shift the crown, my darling girls. From our head to His. He brings peace, humans bring chaos. But we all somehow seem to think that peace—PEACE—peace comes from humans. Or that even we can somehow bring peace into something, someone, some situation.


Time to give up the crown.


Herein lies the real fight. To make the time to surrender our crown and recrown. To give up our glitter to give back His shine. To let go of our jewel to actually jewel the One who created all the jewels. (And don’t we know in so doing, we shine brighter?)


But this fight of surrender takes work, because in case you haven’t taken note, humans, silly humans, we love our blonde-hair-dye and our self-centered ways. We declare we love God, but don’t make time for God. We say we want for Heaven, but don’t know Heaven’s doorkeeper. We say we believe but don’t know who we believe in.


Because it all takes a good fight. This world is loud and the noise is getting louder. It takes an act of God for us to use our brains in the 21st century instead of some small square on some trivial social media app as our newsfeeds sway our deeply-ingrained truths.


So, we fight for peace. We fight for His courts. We fight for time with Him. We fight. We bravely fight.


Peace won’t come easy, dear one. Crowning Him won’t come without a battle. The peace He brings won’t just be given to you on Sunday morning. Peace is long fought for in the humblest place – face down, palms up, heart open. This is peace.


And don’t you know in this fight is our greatest reprieve? This is the great paradox. This is why our King was born in a manger. This is why He said serve rather than be served. This is why He died in order for us to live. Always backwards. Always upside down. As we fight for surrender, He gives us peace. Fight—-surrender, rest—-peace.


So go, girl. Go fight the real fight. Fight, claw, and declare God your peace place. Raise your banner high. Surrender your crown and He will declare peace on earth, goodwill to man—goodwill to woman, goodwill to you. He will declare peace over you.


What keeps you from fighting for the surrender? What can you do today to fight to be in His arms?

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