A Year of Calling: Chosen

Year of Calling

Week Two Word: Chosen


Week Two Text: 1 Peter 2:9


Written by: Whitney Putnam


“But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his possession so that you may proclaim the praises of the One who called you out of darkness and into His marvelous light.”  (1 Peter 2:9)


God is holy, and He is wholly jealous for you.


May I repeat: God is holy, and He is wholly jealous for you – yes, even you.


He chose you because He is wholly jealous to be with you. He loves you that much. And you’ve been chosen to be in rich relationship with Almighty God. In fact, He so loved the world that He sent His Son for you.
So He can be with you.


His love is whole and full and rich like that. A love story so deep, deeper than anything this world will ever be able to give you. Not through television, books, or any human relationship.


And because of a love this deep, I can make such bold assertions that you (yes, you!) are part of
—a chosen race
—a royal priesthood
—a holy nation
—a person for God’s possession.


You are chosen to be one of God’s possessions.


Now I can almost feel my independent spirit turning away. As pro-woman, I put brakes on the word “possess,” too. My skin tends to itch when I hear about cultures that still treat women as possessions. The way chains bind women in sex trafficking circles makes my blood boil. And don’t even let me begin to overhear an American man making “man-like” comments about “his woman.”


But what if the term “possess” became something richer for you? What if I could help you long to be part of God’s possession? Let’s look at this twofold:


First, God is a holy God who loves you. If we have the right perspective of God, being His possession isn’t a bad thing, but the highest honor. The more our view of God expands into His true character, the more we long to be fettered to Him.


Secondly, the term “possess” comes from Old French possesser, and from Latin possidere, which means “to own or occupy,” and is often related to Latin sedere, which means “to sit.”


What if possess meant to have God occupy us? And what if it meant that the God of the Universe could sit with us? Inside of us? And around us?


God with us.




As a thirty-something in a world of angry politics, draining jobs, broken systems and complex relationships, to think that God would choose me and then occupy me?


It’s almost too much to bear.


But He does, when we surrender and make space for Him. Day-in and day-out. A surrendered life gives invitation to His Spirit. Creating space for Him allows Him to move and touch our lives–sensitively, gently, kindly, whispering into us more of His love.


God comes to sit with us, occupy us, possess us – His chosen people.  A holy God who isc wholly jealous for us.


Application questions:


1. When you think about a holy God choosing you for His possession what first comes to mind? Spend a few minutes processing that thought while praying out loud or journaling.



2. If God wants to occupy you and sit with you, what does that mean for your



3. How often do you reflect on God’s great love for you? If you made it a point to reflect on His grace and love more often, would it make an impact in your day-to-day living?

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