Year of Calling: Righteous

Week Five Word: Righteous


Week Five Text: 2 Corinthians 5:21


Written By: Chrystan Ferrell


Love So Amazing


“For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” (2 Corinthians 5:21 ESV)


As we enter into a season of red hearts and dreamy love stories, I can’t help but think of what true love really is. Could it be that true love is way more than the roses and romantic feelings of this season? Maybe true love is suffering to give life away. Real life. Real love that covers a multitude of sin–a love that makes one righteous.


Seven years ago I was a single mom. Love was something I gave and gave and gave. As a single parent, I longed for the day when that love would be poured back into me. Yet as a believer, a non-participating believer, I didn’t realize it was already being poured over me. I just didn’t take the time to stop and recognize it. It was when I began to seek Him that I saw how He lavished love over me, just as He does for you.


Your heavenly Father sent his Son down from Heaven, from His right side, to this Earth that was wrecked with sin. (A world wrecked with sin–that sounds familiar.) Yet in this world, He lived a perfect life. He walked the road to the cross, the blameless sacrifice for our wrecked selves. He took on all of the weight of our sin, blood poured out for us. He died, in the name of true love.


He died for our addictions.
He died for our prideful ways.
He died for the angry words we say. He died for our lies.
He died for that secret sin we hide. He died for love…


For the love of you.


That love cries out RIGHTEOUS. Nothing can make it stop, nothing. He looks at you and cries out holy, blameless, righteous…mine. These words drip with the love of a Father who never quits. Not in the face of Satan, not when you reject Him, not when you choose all the other things over Him, not even when you turn your back on Him. Despite it all and because of it all, He cried out words of love tangled in with your name. You are His and because of that, because He took on all the sin the world had to throw at Him on the cross, you are RIGHTEOUS. This is an unearned, freely-given title to anyone who chooses to bow her life to Him. Now that, my dear girl, is true love.


As we walk into this season of love, let’s remember that true love came down and shouted RIGHTEOUS from the roof tops as a declaration of His love. Love came down to declare you His. Now that’s romance!


Application Questions:


1.Today take the time to stop and consider what Jesus did on the cross for YOU.


2. Write down your sins that you often struggle with and picture them hanging on the cross with Jesus. Then, throw that paper away and declare yourself righteous because that is what God calls you.


3.This week write a love letter to Jesus thanking Him for taking on your sin and declaring you righteous.


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