Year of Calling: Be Content


Week 44 Word: Be Content

Week 44 Text: 1 Timothy 6:6 NLT

Written By: Chrystan Ferrell


“Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.” (1 Timothy 6:6 NLT)


Have you ever been responsible for the estate of a loved one who has passed? It’s an interesting and eye-opening process. This year we lost my husband’s dear aunt unexpectedly to a stroke. She lived a long, God-honoring life. Her husband preceded her in death and she had no children. So, my husband and I helped his mom prepare the estate to sell. There was more than a lifetime of stuff in her home of 50+ years. Boxes and boxes of knickknacks, newspaper clippings, photographs, worn shoes and more. More than you can imagine for one tiny home.


As we loaded a dumpster full of stuff that had to go, I couldn’t help but think of the verse that follows our focus verse this week. It says, “For we brought nothing into the world and we can take nothing out.”


True contentment is not easily gained in our current society. It’s always about the next new thing — the next new iPhone, the latest gadget, the next ridiculous fashion must-have. It feels impossible to be content. The truth is, my friends, we could never ever be content in ourselves; we are just too darn human for that. Our contentment comes only from the author and perfector of our faith. Without Him filling us up with His truth and His words, we will always be searching to fill the emptiness with something, anything. And that is where we see the current state of our society: filling up on all the wrong things.


Do you remember the old song, Can’t Buy Me Love? For Christians, money can’t buy us love because our debt has already been paid. When we have Jesus, when God is Lord over our lives, our fulfillment and contentment should come only from Him. He is our provider, He is our fountain and He is our truth. When we are leaning into Him, letting Him mold us and whisper truth into our ears, we will find contentment. It’s ok to put all of our eggs in His basket! He provides for us. He knows the bigger picture, and He gives us joy even in sorrow, sustaining us in the hard times. We can be content in any circumstance when we are putting all of our faith in Him.


Maybe you’re thinking, “But you don’t know my life. I’ve lost everything — my husband, my home, my job, my security, my child, my youthful good looks (or whatever).” Girl, I get it. I’ve lost it all and gained it back…and lost it again. In situations where you feel like you’ve lost it all, I believe you have one more thing to lose: yourself. Lose yourself in the arms of Jesus, my friend. When we lose ourselves in Him, we gain it all; it is only then we can have true contentment.


Stop waiting around for God to make you rich or give you back your twenty-year-old abs. Find your joy and contentment in the Lord God Almighty and He will provide all that you need. He promises to provide our daily bread, and isn’t that all we need?


Application Questions:

1. What thing(s) are holding you back from living a life of contentment? Do not wait one more minute to lay those idols down on the altar and walk away. (This is going to hurt before it gets better, but sister, know this: it will get better than ever!)

2. Practice the exercise of daily contentment. Focus each day on having a state of gratitude. Even if you are like me and are naturally an Eeyore, you can change this habit of “withoutness” to a habit of thankfulness. Spend five minutes each day this month journaling things you have to be grateful for. Fight for these things each day.

3. Encourage your people (family, friends, etc.) to be in a state of contentment as well. Give them Jesus; shine your joy into their lives. Joyful people are contagious!