Your Purpose ::: And How Great Big It Is

imperfectly brave living


Oh girl, how I want you to know something — what a great purpose you have here on this earth. Wherever you are, God is longing to speak to you. Wherever your heart is, God is longing to hold it. Wherever your hurts hold, God is longing to heal them.


And however impossible it seems, God is longing to redeem it.


But girl, I really want for you to get and hold in your heart and feel in your skin and ache through your bones — that you are wrought with purpose.


Because of God, you have a purpose so great and defining and enriching and life-changing. God has created you for such a time as this. That was not just for Esther. It was for you, too. Your family, your city, your co-workers, your neighbors —- you have a holy calling so great and lovely and bigger than yourself that it should propel you in wide and broad places.


Do you know God has for you — wide and broad places?


But girls, we have to stop living in the small and enclosed and start moving into your open and freedom places, for this is the life He longs for us. This is why we exist. I don’t want to be known for having a clean house, nor do I want to be known for doing all the things, climbing the highest ladder or making the best casserole. I just can’t. Because when lost people are dying and babies are being killed and husbands’ are abusing wives and wives are lashing out on husbands — when peoples’ stomachs are hungry and homeless don’t have shoes and people are living in loneliness and children are squandering in darkness — then I believe we better understand who we are in Christ.


Do you wake up knowing who you are in Christ?


Do you know you are a child of God, chosen for holy work, God’s instruments? Do you know that the Holy Spirit is inside of you – longing to be released? Do you know He will never leave you? Not ever. Do you know that you went from nothing to something because God authored it in your story? Do you even know? (1 Peter 2:9, John 14:12, Matthew 28:20 – emphasis mine)


We need to start knowing to start changing.


God created us to be city-changers, world-changers, glory-bringers. This is how God has always worked and it is how He works today. Elijah was told to hide himself at a brook in Cherith. God said that He commanded the ravens to bring him bread and meat. Impossible, absolutely. Absurd, yes. But Elijah listened and He obeyed. He went on to meet with a widow and then confront Baal by witnessing God prove Himself faithful.

If we want to be city-changers, we have to get with God. We have to listen. We have to obey. This is my hope for us this week and all the weeks. That we might know His voice and have the faith to be God-bringers to the ends of our neighborhoods.


I’m choosing for God this week and His purposes. Join me.


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