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Creating a lifestyle of prayer and community

Join us for RED: A prayer experience in Kansas city


Mission Statement:

At Imperfectly Brave we believe in creating a lifestyle of prayer and community. We do this in three ways. We create resources to help women explore our understanding of why praying together is so important with the goal of launching a prayer group. We host two large gatherings in the midwest to encourage and build community among women. And because we believe in the local church, we train women in their local context by traveling to churches and hosting events.

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Prayer is powerful. Prayer together is unstoppable.

Join us for RED: A prayer experience in Kansas City

Join us as we host Red: A Prayer Experience and truly experience this power for yourself. At RED we will have fun. Fellowship, see beautiful things, worship, take in an incredible teaching by Jami Nato and ladies, we will pray. Be a part of turning our city RED with the power of prayer because prayer changes everything.

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Our Team:

Imperfectly Brave started at a prayer group with nothing fancy; keurig coffee and messy living rooms. Since then it has grown into a movement led by a team passionate about proclaiming the importance of prayer and community.

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