Abortion and Christians and Change

Imperfectly Brave


Abortion and all of its feelings is one of the most covered up injustice topics of our day. Give the politicians a platform to talk and they will pull out swords, but give Christians an opportunity and we start whispering and glancing around, wondering who might be listening. Believe me, I know this because I play on this field all day long. I know it because of the empty dial tones I listen to as I call churches. I know it because of the tired pastors who simply don’t want to rub people the wrong way. I know it because of the congregations who end up horrified as I share facts in grace and love.


43% of African Americans are aborting their babies.

1,200,000 little voices will never be heard this year because we never gave them a chance to speak.

Less than 10% of Christian women feel like they can’t share with anyone in the church that they have had an abortion.


Because I believe so strongly in serving the whole woman, I am going to talk about it and hopefully we can all start talking about it and then maybe then — only then — will we start to see change.


I want to tell you about one of the most miracle-happening places I know. A place where lost girls come with all their baggage and heavy hearts. I want to share with you about a sweet place where mercy triumphs over judgement. Lean in close and let me tell you about a place where liberation is the banner.


Sounds like an impossibility or a fabrication; as if it couldn’t all be true. There couldn’t possibly be a place where the sick come to be healed, where the poor come to be filled, where the abused come to be comforted.


But there is. These places exist. And I have the incredible privilege of serving at one. And it’s not a hospital because a hospital can’t heal souls. It isn’t a counseling center, although ears and willing hearts are good for the heart. It isn’t a church, although church can and should be this. No. This miracle place is a temple of the Lord’s in the oddest way. It is a pregnancy center.


Pregnancy centers are healing in ways you couldn’t even imagine.


In our world of political debates and hot words and opinions coming at us like a kick in the gut, abortion gets its fair share of pull. You can’t listen to a debate without hearing the word fired out of someone’s mouth. As if firing any words out of anyone’s mouth is ever a good idea. The enemy has done this to abortion. He has made it so political that it has taken the very essence of the life right out of it. As if life can be sucked right out of a body.


And somewhere we believed that life can actually be sucked right out of a body and that humans have a choice to make that decision. But let me tell you what working at a pregnancy center teaches you. Abortion leads to death no matter what angle you take it. Life can be sucked right out of a body; death in heart spaces for the women and literal death for the baby — actually no hope for a future.


And even as I write this, I think of the many women who have had abortions, and I want you to know I am handing you grace. I am so sorry that you ache over this. And if you tell me you never ache, I want to ask you if you are ever quiet enough to ache. Here is my thought: If we never talk about abortion in our churches because we are so afraid of wounding the woman who has had an abortion, we never get to set her free. If we never let her know that there is grace over even this, than she will simmer in a hot spot and live in bondage, when simmering like this was never a place for us to live.


As I type this, I think of the 871 African American babies that were lost today due to abortion and the mamas who all sat on cold tables. I sit and think of the 12 lives that were lost in my city alone. And you know what? I want to hold that mom’s hand. I want to get her off that table and place her in the warm arms of my God and He will simply let her cry all of her tears and He will breathe new life into her. I want to do this for her, too.


To throw stones at political debates will only get us so far, friends. Do I want a President who bows before the Almighty God who sent His son, Jesus? Yes. Do I beg God for this? Yes. Do I plead for mercy to reign down our nation? As many times as I remember to.


But it won’t ever be our President that changes everything. The President is simply another human with a lot of power, but he doesn’t stand the acts of the mighty right arm of God. We can get out there and vote. We can get out there and advocate. We can pray like crazy. But let me tell you what I beg God for:


That the Church would be the bride that we were created to be. That we would take seriously the robe of righteousness given to us. That we would let our hand run across the gold linen. That we would see our beauty and make the most of our calls. That we wouldn’t be so busy to miss this. Because mud puddles aren’t ever supposed to be our dancing places — empty tombs are.


So if we want to see a shift in our nation, it is not going to come from the polls. It won’t come from hateful words thrown at another party. It won’t come from wearing a nametag that declares whether or not we are left or right, because with God we are neither right nor left but we are powerful, peace-makers who have the ability to speak life into each and every single person.


This is the miracle.

In order to bring change, let’s be the Church. Let’s call our local pregnancy center to see how we can help. Let’s figure out ways to give a coat to someone who needs it. Let’s feed a family who might not have enough grocery money for the month. Let’s loosen the ties of busy to loosen our chains into freedom.


If we want change, let’s take all of God’s Word and believe it with not just our hearts, but our hands and minds and feet and bodies. Change will come. Guaranteed. Change will come.

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