Pursuing Dreams: Achieving Your Dreams Won't Satisfy

achieving your dreams


I have been such a cheerleader on these dream sessions, haven’t I? People won’t care about your dream and now onto the uplifting topic of “Achieving Your Dreams Won’t Satisfy.” Someone intervene. Or just leave coffee at my doorstep and run.  But really. We need to talk about these hard things, lovely friends. There is a myth floating around America (and the American Church) that a dream realized, a dream achieved, is the pinnacle of our human worth. And truthfully, I believed the legend. I wanted to, because, haven’t you?


And it’s here I find myself on new ground.


And to be honest, the ground feels a bit uneven.


Because as a mom, I look at my daughters and think — the world is most assuredly their oyster. Yes, go and dream and become and thrive. I want it all for those little girls. I want my blondes to feel dreams realized. Taste those dreams full well. I want for them to feel like their wings were never just for pretend, but that they were meant to use them and




Achieving Dreams


Achieving Dreams


But they also must know a true dream – a God dream — is never actually fully realized. Not here. Not pinned to this earth. Not in our human brains with human standards and unfit measuring sticks.


We want more.


And rightfully so.


Because dear girl, you were made for more.


I’ve been guilty of taking that “more” and equating it to more dreams rather than more of Christ. I’ve been one to think, if only I could have:


That job for my bank account.


That home for my family.


That status for my pride.


That book for its influence.


In brutal honesty, some might look at my life and think, “Wow, the book, the ministry, the weekend, the family”…. So many dreams realized.


And I would be shy to tell you that I actually want more.


Achieving Dreams


I want women (and men and teens and children) praying across the globe. All of them. I want the Church to be a complete light on the hill. I want for less of me and more of Christ as He lives on His unrivaled throne.


Here on earth.


And yes, while we can run and chase and fight hard — SO DANG HARD — for those things, they will never be fully realized until we are set before a light so heavy our bodies will only topple to the ground.




I wish I would have known.


So what do we do with our human bodies on a human earth?


A few things, so l let’s chat.


Keep Dreaming


I am the girl that will tell you believers in Jesus Christ should be the biggest dreamers. Why? Because we have the greatest purpose.


Our purpose is one that handles the greatest creation.


Our purpose is one that has the greatest influence.


Our power comes from the greatest authority.




And if we don’t dream great dreams, we have ceased to imagine the greatness of our King.


Keep dreaming, girl. Keep writing them down. Keep running hard. Greatness actually resides within you. An uncontainable God dwells inside you and you can achieve





of those dreams.


Celebrate Each Dream Realized


This is the crux; where we miss tasting heaven here on earth.


Because we can taste heaven.


But so often these moments come in small, normal, grounded ways (and we miss them).


If your dream is to start a business that encourages women to walk with Christ more intimately, then slow down and taste heaven when one woman is pointed to Christ.


If your dream is to homeschool your children and watch them play and run and learn as a family, then slow down and taste heaven when they are seated at that table. Rejoice over dangling feet not touching the ground and dirty fingers around number two pencils.


If your dream is to start writing a blog and your mom calls you and tells you that your words are exactly what she needed to hear, then slow down and taste heaven because her soul touched the throne room.


Celebrating is where heaven is most real to us here on earth. Don’t miss it. Because all souls matter. Especially the ones closest to us.


Define More


While more is most assuredly worth our chase: more light, more believers, more beauty, more grace, we must never forget where the “well” of more actually satisfies.


Jesus looked at the woman at the well and whispered, “Whoever drinks of the water that I will give her will never be thirsty again. The water I will give her will become in her a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”


And it was so.


It is for you, too.


Even now, as you sit, one thousand dreams unrealized, you have an overflowing well set before you. One that will satisfy when day by day dreams don’t go according to plan.


Because on this very day, you have heaven on your lips — a well of eternal life. And that well is more than enough and will satisfy deeper than any dream ever placed on your human heart.


So, yes, my friend, dream the biggest dreams and slow down and celebrate to celebrate the fruit — every piece. And while calendar days go by and seasons change, stay grounded in “more” and a well that never empties.


Because from it comes streams of living water, and those waters are better than any dream achieved.

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