Community at Christmas: Meet Lauren Alexander!

Community at Christmas: Meet Lauren Alexander!

We are thrilled to introduce you to Lauren Alexander! Lauren is one of the most hilarious and yet, down-to-earth women we know. When she talks to you, she can make you feel as if you are the only person in the room. She knows when to warmly welcome you into a hug or when to make you laugh. On top of being a world-class friend, she runs an online community that is drawing women together through simple story-telling. We have the opportunity to sneak a glimpse into this dynamic woman’s life. Let’s do it!

Say hi to us! Who are you?

Hello to all my fellow Imperfectly Brave Girls! My name is Lauren Alexander. I’m married to Seth and we have four spirited and hilarious children: Tabbi, Heather, Ty, and Elijah Burke. We live in southern Indiana (the Midwest is the BEST), where Seth has served as the pastor of a lovely church for 15 years. We love our little town and enjoy serving in ministry. I travel and speak to groups of women and I also lead an online community called “All The Things With Lauren Alexander” along with serving my family in my home.

What are you sharing with us this week? How does it connect community with the gospel?

I will be sharing creative ways to reach out to those who may be hurting or grieving. The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, but not everyone experiences the magic and wonder of the Christmas season. I hope to inspire you to be especially mindful of those in your community who have broken hearts. The true definition of community includes rejoicing with those who rejoice AND grieving with those who grieve. Realistically, lost loved ones, difficult family situations, and relational brokenness are present in many people’s lives, but we can bring the “God With Us” hope to others through simple kindness and a desire to enter into the sufferings of others, just as Christ came to Earth do for us.

One of our purposes with Community at Christmas is to give women real ideas to open their lives to others without losing our minds in details and endless scrolling. How can this (what you are sharing) help?

One of the most important things about Christ’s presence in our lives is the way he paid attention to what others were going through daily. Remember when he felt the woman who touched the hem of his garment? Or the time he took to rub mud on a man’s eye? He interacted with people so warmly. In the hustle of the holidays, we sometimes overlook the opportunity to do the same. I hope to remind us all to really pay attention to the ones in our respective paths this Christmas season.

Finish this thought: We need community because…

In order for us to have the life God designed for us to have, we GET to share it! My life is richer because of the community I experience each day and I see the love of Jesus in a hundred different faces and reflected in a hundred different ways. What a privilege I could easily miss. I need community because it gives me such lovely company along the journey.

Best Christmas memory ever. Ready, go!

Each year, my mother-in-law plans a tree trimming at her house and she purchases a new ornament for each member of the family. We received our new ornaments and went about hanging them on the tree, when my youngest son toddled over with something wrapped up in his chubby little grip. He had gotten a corn cob out of his toy collection and lovingly placed it on a bottom branch. He looked up at us so proudly that he had “caught on” to the festivities. Guess what has been added to the bottom branch ever since?!