Community at Christmas: Meet Laurie!

Community at Christmas: Meet Laurie!

​Hi Fellow Community at Christmas-er!

We can’t wait for you to meet Laurie! Laurie has helped make some of our Imperfectly Brave events pretty incredible. She also helps women create lovely spaces. And you, my friend, will have the opportunity to learn from her, too! But first, let’s learn a bit about her.

Say hi to us! Who are you?

I’m Laurie Champ! I’m a wife, mom, designer, & believer. I started my design business not even a year ago, after a career in nursing. I love design and beauty… it’s just IN me!  I have felt it from a very young age when I used to request to just drive around neighborhoods to look at houses. I love making a room beautiful, and I’ve found comfort in knowing that this trait is a gift that God has graciously shared with me to impact and grow His kingdom!

What are you sharing with us this week? How does it connect community with the gospel?

I’ll be sharing ways to make your home inviting as we dive into a season of gathering with friends and family.  There are so many ways that your home can be a tool in your efforts to share the gospel and build community. When we invite people into our lives, we get to practice our call and privilege to show Christ’s love to others.

One of our purposes with Community at Christmas is to give women real ideas to open their lives to others without losing our minds in details and endless scrolling. How can this (what you are sharing) help?

I have lots of little tips to make special little moments all over your home. We have no reason to hold back gathering together… but if you need a little help or fresh ideas for decor, I can help! 🙂 Most of my ideas are inexpensive and simple!

Finish this thought: I need community because…

My relationship with the Lord is challenged and deepened by my community.  I’m going on a few years of a mentor relationship with a woman a generation ahead of me, I’m part of a small group at my church, and part of a MOMs group in my community.  Without these groups and women speaking into my life, my spiritual growth would not grow the way it does with having them!

Best Christmas memory ever. Ready, go!

At our Christmas Eve celebration every year at one of my grandparent’s homes, “Santa” would always visit us. 🙂 As a young child it was always really magical and exciting! Even as I got older, it was the highlight of the evening to see all the younger ones experience it as well.  In my own home… I also was in charge of putting up the Christmas decor because I loved to do it so much! Even back when you had to put lights on every artificial tree… I took pride in my ability to wrap each branch in lights like a slightly obsessed and perfectionist design enthusiast.  😉

Make sure to find Laurie over on instagram!