Community at Christmas: Healthy Recipes by Mendy Shriver

Community at Christmas: Healthy Recipes by Mendy Shriver

All of a sudden, the aisles of every grocery store seem to be dripping with countless chocolate covered nuts and cookies covered in peppermint shavings. Health around the holidays can feel so confusing. Of course we want to indulge in the goodies the season brings…and we should! What a gift good food is to us! We also want to keep ourselves healthy and feeling whole, not cheated by cheap food.

It’s an interesting dance we can do with food.

There’s hope! We can have a beautiful relationship with food, and believe it or not, it starts with our relationship with Christ.

Mendy has been sharing a new message of health with us this week. She has been reminding us thathealthy living begins in the heart.” Once we have a more gospel-centered view of our bodies, we may feel honored to be housed in them.

Mendy has reminded us that: “Health is NOT about 6-pack abs, the perfect jean size, boulder shoulders, or the perfect diet. Jesus wants you to take care of His temple, your body. There is no magic pill, workout, or meal plan that can take the place of God’s idea of fitness. He wants us all to understand that healthy living begins with Him.”

To begin (or continue) our healthy journey, Mendy has created some incredible resources for us. Below you will find two links for recipes. The first, “My Sister’s Keeper” is a recipe book of healthy recipes to cook with your girlfriends. Second, is her Holidegg recipe. As you peruse these tools, take a minute to thank God for good food and a body to honor Him ….then go find yourself some girlfriends to cook with this holiday season!

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Mendy’s Christmas Season Favorite Healthy Holiday Collection


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Mendy’s Holideggs recipe

Finally, you can find Mendy over at her new podcast, “Fist Pump Friday.” FPF is a series of interviews with regular Christian women doing amazing things in the face of adversity. Make sure to check it out!

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Podcast with Mendy