Letting God Redefine Perfectionism ::: By Letting Things Breathe



Hopefully we all boasted in our weaknesses last week and 2 Corinthians 12:9 has been etched onto our hearts. As we all stared our shortcomings in the face, we stared harder into God’s face. This will be a lifetime journey for me – this staring game. Even this morning, I find myself looking hard into the eyes of my Savior knowing full well my weaknesses.


As I stare, I remember: He is the One who leads me beside quiet waters. The One who lays me down in green pastures. The One who restores my soul. I stare at this One and my shortcomings are ever before me.





Can I do something bold for us today? Can I start the conversation of our shortcomings?


As much as I am striving to hold loosely to imperfectly brave living, I find myself clenching tightly around it. If I am not very careful I just might strangle it TO DEATH. A death of suffocation for poor, innocent imperfectly brave living.


Now your turn. What are you clinging to? Is there something in your life that might need to come up for air?


_______________________ (yeah, I know, I have a few too.)


As I cling, I recognize that I am one big ol’ human and I struggle with the desire of wanting more:

More women to surrender to their King and found under the banner of Christ alone.

More churches to awaken and revival to be ushered in.

Mor women to be moved into holy action and live wholly alive.

As I cling, I never give it to God – I never let God mold it into something MORE BEAUTIFUL, MORE LOVELY, MORE MIRACULOUS.


My want for more women to see Jesus can honestly take me to a place of “work harder, shine brighter, do more, be more.” This mentality relies on my human flesh. God’s mentality relies on God.


I am going to go with God. I find myself oddly unreliable.




Because of my high unreliability, I am led to the cross where God made me whole. At the cross He whispers, “My love for you took me here. My love for you is nailed through this wood. My love for you allows me to overcome this place and be set on high so I can constantly petition for you.”


I spent a lot of time at the beach this week. I listened to each crashing wave wash as it moved gently over the sand. Listen closely: the sand is always going to be sand. It will not morph into something else, but it will be changed over a long period of time. The same goes for me, I have been made perfect in Jesus but I still can be transformed more into His likeness. if I sit under the cross and find my home at His throne — slowly but surely God will transform me. I must be willing to let go and give my whole self (my dreams, my kids, my strongholds, my heartaches) to God.




IMG_5239 (1)


This is a lifelong process, friends.


This week as we continue to march forward in our battle of perfectionism, may we remember we are on a journey. In fact, it is more a battle than anything else. We will not become imperfectly brave overnight; rather, we will become imperfectly brave over a lifetime of sitting beneath his cross, battling the world, and allowing Him to restore our very souls. Day in and day out – we will let His blood cover us.


Our battle is on the field of sanctification. What does that really mean? It means you and I are willing to become more and more like Christ day after day.


“For by a single offering He has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.” Hebrews 10:14


He already has perfected —

We are constantly in a journey of sanctification.


Like the sand on a beach being transformed by each crashing wave, the hum of His power, the gentle wash of His love. Where are you at in your place of sanctification? Are you willing to be changed? What do you need to stop suffocating?




Just say it out loud. Ready: one,two, three.


May this be a week of returning to the throne and remembering the power of the cross and its ability to change every part of us – even the things we suffocate. May those things be given new life. And may the bravest thing we do all week is look up to heaven with open hands as we all cry, “Sanctify, Perfect One. Sanctify.” Say it with me, “Sanctify” and sit at the cross and be washed over with His love.


Go ahead and print Hebrews 10:14 and stick it somewhere you will see it. As you see it throughout the week, hold your palms open wide and remember the Perfect One. Be imperfectly brave this week. I’m joining you in the battle.


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  1. Thank you Whitney! Thank you for your words! Thank you for your love of Christ! Thank you!

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