Listen: Friend

The thing about being friends is we are kind of clued into each other’s lives…

Think about that one friend you are clued into…maybe it’s the friend you’ve had for over 30 years, maybe it’s your sweet neighbor who is in and out of your home, maybe it’s your spouse, your mom, your sister. Whoeever it is, doesn’t that person know intimate details about you…and you know intimate details about them?

We can often forget that our Holy God has called us friends and that He wrote us many letters to draw us into intimacy with Him (the Bible) and sealed us with His Spirit to lead us in every ounce of understanding! And to top it all off, He laid down His life for us so our friendship would deepen.

Click on the image below to listen as Mendy Shriver and Diana Dunne unpack the joy of friendship with our Lord. What does knowing He calls you friend do for your soul?