Meet Sandra ::: Confessions of a (Working-on-it) Control Freak

Imperfectly Brave


Who am I?


That’s a good question. Because sometimes… Creative Director, Wife, Expecting Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend… just doesn’t seem genuine enough. Or real enough.  Or transparent enough.


For you to truly understand what prayer means to me, you have to know more.


I am busy. I am tired. I am over-scheduled. I am worn-out.


I am a crazy, control freak.


But let me tell you something about my life that’s bigger than all those crazy, head-spinning things.


I have Jesus.


In my natural, human state, I would have the next 5 years mapped out. I would have exactly each next step outlined nice and neat for my little feet to follow at my own pre-determined pace.


But God has radically derailed my sweet little life-train in the most beautiful way possible. He has taken all my well thought-out plans, shaken them up, and instead, He has lead me only one day at a time down HIS well purposed path for my life.


I can’t wait to sit in front of you this weekend and tell you about some of my experiences and how God has moved in my life over this time, and all the places He has brought me from, and what he has done… {and I could go on and on and on}


I wish I could sit down with you face to face, over a yummy breakfast with a cup of chocolate milk (yes, this 32 week pregnant mama-to-be LOVES chocolate milk and a big breakfast), and just tell you all of the stories. Unfortunately, one short weekend is all we have. But sweet woman of God, hear this plea from my heart to yours: GET PLUGGED IN. Share your stories. Share your messy places. Share your joyful moments. Find a safe place and let other sweet women, chasing after the same awesome God, lift all of these things up to His throne. I guarantee you… you will find Him in these places. Your life will be changed.


If you would have asked me 2 years ago what my life would look like today, I would have been so off track with my answer! But thanks be only to God that His plans are perfect. That He will do (and has done) far more abundantly than we can think or imagine.


God’s got this.


Join us this weekend to hear more of my story. Join us to hear so many stories just like mine, of women who have been radically changed by our Great God and the support of other women lifting them up in prayer. Join us to be encouraged and equipped to move into your brave places. I know I can’t wait to experience more of Him and to see what He has in store for me, this city, this nation – and for what he has in store for you, sweet child of our Abba father.


Just join us. You won’t regret it.

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