New Year's Resolutions ::: My bravest year

Imperfectly Brave


I am somewhat late to the game on this one friends, forgive me. I fell off the cliff for a few days and I am slowly but surely climbing back up. But what is my New Year’s resolution? Well, I have written out a few practical ones. You know, be on time at work, be more patient, change a few more habits. And yes, if I change my habits, I will see great results. Guaranteed. You will, too.


And let me say this: I am already a highly habitual person. Ask my friends. I like to get up early and have peace in my home (because hello, two and one year old, I love you but you are loud and noisy). I get a great big cup of coffee and I sink into my giant red chair and I read and pray. This has become my safe haven. But like all too many things in my life, maybe it has become too safe of a haven?


Maybe I have gotten somewhat used to soaking in the word and not praying fervently for the word to soak into my days. Like fiercely get into the way I live my life. Here’s what I mean, for the word to change the very marrow of my bones so that I realize who I am —


A fierce warrior princess with the most influential dad in the Universe.


So my New Year’s Resolution is to let what my heart knows, change the way my mind thinks. I’ve got to let some things marinate and get God into my very brain waves so that I can live the audacious life I was made for.


And maybe you want this too? Well, let’s make a quick game plan to let our resolutions go from heart feels to mind actions.



I talk to countless women about how they want life change. How their marriage is in shambles, yet they smile to make it through the day. I listen to women as they shamefully talk about their weight or what poor choices they’ve made. I watch women grow quiet in a large group because they don’t think they are worthy of friendships. And haven’t we all been there? Don’t we all have something that we sink our shoulders lower and sigh a bit heavier about?


I want to give you this: I want to sit with you over a cup of coffee and give you God’s Word. Not in a legalistic, start reading way. But in a “this is your dad and he loves you so much way.” I want to say, “Let’s do this together. Let’s read it together and talk about it, chew on it and get it into our minds together.”


I want this for you and for me. I want it because the most influential women I have ever met are the most in the Word.


Word + Women = Highly Effective Life



The Devil wants to lie and kill and destroy. It is how he is wired and he will do anything he can to do all three. So when you hear that small voice in your brain that you aren’t worthy of friendships, you better put your heel down deep into the ground and crush that slithery serpent.


You are worthy. You are precious. You are worth so much that a King would send His son to die for you.


And can I simply say this? Just one. Maybe you just start praying for one friend. One woman to go to coffee with. Maybe you pray with every ounce of your being for one. Not because friendships are necessary to the Christian life, but they sure are part of the beautiful design.



Start talking to God. Just start talking to Him out loud like you would a friend. He is Holy and Almighty and Majestic, and He is also your dad. Run to Him for everything. My husband prays about everything and I simply love to see Him processing it. Prayer and the Word will change your entire life. Guaranteed. Can you commit to simply building a strong relationship with the Most Almighty God? Just start talking. I think women have a hands up on this one.



Come January one, I hung up a new calendar. In it there are 52 weeks of freshly drawn squares lining the page. In it are minutes ticking of how I might live my weeks. I am committing to doing something brave each week. It might be reaching out to that friend. Or staying in His word all week. It might be something ridiculous like making that phone call that scares you half to death or remaining victorious in your prayer to be patient with your kids. Whatever it is, I plan on writing it down so by the end of the year I will have 52 brave moments. Yeah, I like that brave because my God is brave.


So, a brave year starts in the quiet for me. In begging God (yeah, begging God) to let me be brave by letting His word get fiercely into my head. My heart is already changed. It’s my mind that needs some tweaking.


Pray with me? Commit with me? Our bravest year is ahead. The best is yet to come.

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