Pray With Us: Ambassador

Pray With Us: Ambassador


My Father in Heaven,


I remember today that You have chosen me as Your ambassador. Thank you for not making me apply for this position with lengthy applications, resumes and interviews. If that were the case, I would fail miserably. Instead, because of Your great love for me when You adopted me as your daughter, You equipped me with everything I will need for this position.


You have taken off my dirty, filthy rags I was once lived in (and destroyed them for all eternity) and dressed me in garments as white as snow. But You did not leave me vulnerable and weak in this harsh world. No. You have adorned me with the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, gospel shoes for my feet, a shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of Your Spirit. You have given me all the tools I need for success as Your ambassador.


And Father, when I fail as Your ambassador (because I will fail), You are not like the bosses of this world.


You do not keep a record of my wrongs.


You are slow to anger.


You work out all things for the good of those who love You.


I cannot mess up your redemptive plan for this world.


You will never fire me.


You look at me and see only the goodness and holiness of Your perfect son, Jesus. You are the best boss ever.


Father, I am sorry for when I choose to be in chains for something other than Your gospel. For my heart tends to wander and is often tempted by the things of this world. So once again, I take my wandering heart and bind it to You. I know that when I am fettered to You, the burden is light.


Just like the Apostle Paul, I pray that I may boldly declare to this dry and parched world the good news of the gospel. Take me off the platform I have crafted for myself to declare things that don’t matter, and set me on the firm foundation of of the gospel.


On this platform I stand…….drenched in the blood of Jesus, white as snow and adorned in the armor of God.


Everyday as your ambassador is like getting a raise, a bonus, a good review because You never run out of goodness and You never get tired of lavishing it on me. Thank you, Father!



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