Pray With Us: Beloved

Pray With Us: Beloved


Dear Lord,


When You sent Your son, Jesus, You called Him Immanuel, God with us. You sent Him for the world and You sent Him for me.


This past week, I wept over the cross because Jesus died there — hanging for my sins. And three days later, I celebrated over the empty tomb. I danced in the dirt. I sang and it echoed.


I celebrated because You had to leave me to send me Your Spirit.


Thank you God for this gift. Your Spirit is like a fresh breath. Your Spirit is a counselor for me, a coach, if you will. Leading me as I journey this life with You.


Every day You whisper my name: “Beloved child, ___________________ (insert name here), come this way. Right foot, then left foot.” You ask me to run when it’s time and to slow down in due season. You give way to tears when necessary and You create space for laughter when life is too much fun. You touch my face when I look to You, and Your presence is better than any earthly gift.


Father, keep guiding me. Open my ears to Your whispers. Let me be Your beloved daughter, the one who listens to Your ways. And may I walk with authority, knowing that as Your beloved, You will always catch my feet.


In Your name I pray, Amen.


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