Pray with Us: Friend

Pray With Us: Friend

Dear Lord,

You didn’t have to bring me near and call me friend. But You did. You didn’t need to remain in close proximity with me. You are already full in Your being – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But You love me and want to keep me close.

God, I pray this would humble me all week and keep me coming back to Your courts.

You have made everything known to me in Your Word. All the wisdom I could ever want or desire is written in Your Word. You are most certainly a good friend, as you have given me a guide — Your Word — and the seal of Your Spirit, who will bring it to life for me.

Life that will be found when I bloom in You.

I pray all week I would remember that You keep me in close proximity and that, in turn, I would keep You close to Me.

That my focus would be on You and Your glory more than _____________________ and _____________________ and _____________________.

You certainly didn’t have to love me like a friend, God. You could have saved me and still kept me at arm’s length. Thank you for drawing me in and joining us – vine and branch.

I love You, Lord, and I trust You with the way You make me bloom.

In Jesus’ Name,