Pray With Us: Sanctified

Pray With Us: Sanctified


You have called me washed. My former self that was clothed in filth is washed clean only because of what You did for me on the cross.

You have called me sanctified. This one is hard for me to believe. That You, the most holy, call me holy. Thank you that You look down upon me, your daughter, and understand my humanity. You know that I am a work in progress. You see me as holy despite my daily failures. Thank you that there is nothing that I do, other than surrender my heart to You, to make myself more holy. My sanctification is only possible because of Your blood poured out for me.

You have called me justified. This one gets me too. I get to stand in front of You in all Your holiness, and You declare me justified. God, you are nothing like the judges of this world. Again, only through Your work on the cross–nothing I can do–that I can boldly approach Your throne.

It really is overwhelming when I stop to ponder and recall what You call me. That You see me as washed and sanctified and justified. Father, help me to walk in these truths today. Help my daily disbelief.

You are the best.