Prayer and Faith ::: The Beginning of a Prayer Revolution

Imperfectly Brave


My Collins girl — her blonde hair is long now and she tells me that Jesus died on a cross for her. And I simply melt because this is enough — the words of Jesus out of her sweet mouth. Yesterday, I told Collins that we must have faith in Jesus. I told her about the size of a mustard seed. I told her how very small a mustard seed is and how it would just fit perfect in the palm of her hand.


Wouldn’t you know something? Wouldn’t you just even know, as held out truth to my little blonde princess, that there it was —


A mustard seed. On my palm. Hands wide open. He had already given it to me. (Note: I have a freckle on my right hand the size of a mustard seed because what in the world?!)


I never had seen this mark on my skin in this light. Never did I think that God would carve a mustard seed right there on my palm, but in all His goodness, He did. He did this for me. My mustard seed. As I right these words, I close my fists around it. I want to hold on.


Faith is slippery, you know. It can give way so fast.


But when I close my fists, I lose sight of it. I lose sight of my little marking that moves mountains and brings peace and delivers love. A mustard seed wasn’t made to be clenched — it will fall right out that way. A mustard see was made to be presented; it was made to be held out to others with palms wide open — proclaiming,


“Yeah, I can’t. But this seed, God said that with it, He could move mountains.”


This week in prayer group, faith rang over all our words. That we would bring everything to Him in faith; faith that He would hold true to all of His promises. And He always holds true. This week we prayed for the hard things, we prayed for aches over our babies and job uncertainties. We prayed for husbands and for hearts to serve them well. We prayed for futures and nows and bitterness and forgiveness.


And as we prayed, peace came in and love washed over. We left beaming, not because everything was solved or money was found at our doorstep or because God moved the mountain right then and there. We left beaming because He beams on us.


Doesn’t this sound good and right and real? Aren’t you ready? Aren’t you ready to be found out alongside genuine relationships and to stand beaming in His presence? Aren’t you ready to let go of your mustard seed and open it wide to others and to your good God?


If you have faith like a grain of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move form here to there, and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20


When I started Imperfectly Brave, I spent a lot of time staring at a blank computer screen. I would dig into the Word, and then hash things out. I have journals and journals of conceptualizing Imperfectly Brave and wouldn’t you know, it got real simple one day. One day — without a bang and without fireworks and without a megaphone — redefining brave became incredibly clear. Redefining started in His arms and His arms alone. Redefining will only open through prayer.


So, I am praying for prayer revolution in my city. And this prayer is being actively fought for because when you join the imperfectly brave army, you will get plugged into a prayer group. And then we hope that God will hear from Heaven and beam on us and beam on our city.


In preparation for the Imperfectly Brave weekend, you will be hearing from women invested in a prayer group. Join us as we hear about their journeys in prayer and faith and God and community. And join us for the weekend. A room full of mustard seeds — Imagine the mountains that will be moved.



And in the meantime, tell us about you and faith. What’s your story? How do you foster mustard seed type faith in your prayer life?


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