Put Some Skin In the Game

Imperfectly Brave


I jump up on those boxes at the gym. You know, the big boxes that the Crossfit people jump up and down on until they huff and puff and turn red. Yeah, I jump on those. I am not a Crossfit-er and I’m not a big, bad workout lady, either. It’s just that I have time issues. I have an hour to get to the gym, workout at the gym and leave the gym.


That means I have to make the most of what I’ve been given.


It’s kind of like life.


Yesterday morning, a girl stopped me as I was mid-jump and asked me if I had a “box-scar.” I breathed and tried to clarify, catching up to her thought process. She pointed to my shin where sure enough there is a big, red scar.


“Oh yeah, I have a box scar. I jumped to the top of the box and missed it, leaving me with skin and blood and a bruised ego. And man, it hurt.”


She nodded and pointed to hers.


Instant camaraderie.


I’ve thought about that red scar all day. And as I’ve allowed myself to dwell on it, I’ve decided I am kind of into my scar. I kind of like that she noticed. It feels like I did something.


That I put a little skin in the game.


This is why imperfectly brave and this is why imperfectly brave is right now. Our culture is dying. American church attendance is down, while the American population is growing. The only increased religious behavior among women in the last 20 years was becoming unchurched. We are loved by the most High God, we have been filled with His fullness and we’ve been asked to put a little skin in the game.


Go tell others about Jesus.



Imperfectly Brave



And we are to tell others about Jesus not just with our actions, but with our words, too. We can bring Him into our homes, into our neighborhoods into our communities. We can take Him to the hurting and the helpless. We can deliver Him to those who are hungry, spiritually and physically. Because both are real and worthy of our time.


And we do this by laying down our life so that we create enough space to

bring Him,

take Him,

deliver Him.


But “lay down our life” sounds so hard + so challenging + so scary.


Can I clarify a part that I miss out on when I hear that phrase? Maybe a part we all miss out on?


Hard + challenging + scary = adventure




You were made for adventure. You were made to be imperfectly brave.


You were made to keep jumping and jumping and jumping. Sometimes you and I will make it to the top of the box and sometimes we will fall. We are imperfect. But we can be brave and keep jumping. And as we all are jumping to the top of our boxes, we can look at each other and ask, “How did you get your battle scar?”


And we can point and say, “Oh, this thing? It just proves that I have a little skin in the game.”


Instantly we will become sisters – comrades – over our scars.


And then we will be able to nod and whisper,


“We made the most of our time. Our scars prove it.”


If you want to be imperfectly brave, now is the time. Head over to check out the Imperfectly Brave book study. Join today! It’s time for you to step into your adventure.

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