Redefining Perfectionism ::: And Being a Woman of Great Faith

Dear friend,


I want you to know something – it’s kind of a secret – but I am ready to let the cat out of the bag. I don’t really know what I am doing with Imperfectly Brave Living.


There, I said it. Seems crazy, right? What in the world am I doing pursuing it with my whole heart? Why spend all my resting hours praying, pursuing and passionately committed to something without knowing its exact direction and outcome.


Faith, that’s why.

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Even though I don’t know the best strategic marketing plan or have any background in blogging, youtube channels or hashtags, I know that I Imperfectly Brave Living is a calling for every woman to live boldly for the Kingdom. I believe the promises God has spoken over me and I play them on repeat in my mind when I enter moments of doubt. I dream that in my lifetime, the church will be made up of the most compelling people in our nation. That Jesus’ name will send people flocking. That church will be a place of healing people not perfect people. That all fear will be cast out and freedom warriors will arise.


I believe for revival.


Because of all this, I keep putting one foot in front of another. One small inch forward every single day. I cover it in prayer all the time because










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As women, we tend to get ourselves all in a tizzy when we can’t figure out the outcomes of things. Books, relationships, what’s for dessert. It’s like we are always looking ahead. Why do we go on one date or set a friend up on a date and already picture marriage in the near future? This is not okay. This behavior of needing to know the outcome in order to step fully into something is destroying our faith. Actually it is quite void of faith; therefore, some areas of life might just be … faithless.


In redefining perfectionism this week, we are going to do something wild. We are going to pray without ceasing to be a woman of great faith, because in redefining perfectionism we are also redefining faith. Perfectionism means we know the outcome, faith means we don’t and we move forward anyway.


For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9


Is there something in your life right now that you have wanted to step into but afraid to because you aren’t sure how it is going to turn out? How do you know if there is? Let’s just look at a few examples:


  1. There is something looming on your mind and you keep suppressing it to the point that it no longer has a voice.
  2. It just keeps being brought up to you – all the time with all your people.
  3. You have a longing for it, you thirst for it, you need to see the injustice fought or love pursued.


These are just a few signs that yes, you have a calling and yes, you better get after it.




We often as women say, oh, someone will do it instead of me. She is far better gifted. She has far more time to give of herself. She has so much more money to give. She is such a better teacher. She is so much better with people. Did you see that pinterest cake? She is such a killer mom. These are all lies and it is time to spit them out.


This week we are going to fill our mind with truth and be women of faith.

YOU are divinely gifted.

YOU have been molded by the All-Powerful God.

YOU are a unique gift to this world, to your city and to your church.

It doesn’t matter if you know what the final picture looks like – in fact – it is better if you don’t know.


This week, let’s all pray this simple prayer together and watch what God does. I am believing IN FAITH that it could simply change our courses one baby step at a time.


Oh Lord,

It is by grace that I have been saved THROUGH FAITH not by my own works. Let my faith define me this week — not my plans — so that I can only boast in you. This week, may I be a woman of GREAT FAITH.


And we all said Amen. And the whole earth shook.


Love to you,




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