Imperfectly Brave Resources


The Imperfectly Brave Book Study

Imperfectly Brave Is A Call To Redefine Bravery. Why? Because we’ve diluted it – and diluted God. Our great calling is to bring a love-drenched Savior into our neighborhoods, into our cities. By letting God redefine us, we’ll embrace His power to fulfill our callings.



Dangerous Prayer

Dangerous Prayer is a five-day study reviewing the prayer of Nehemiah. Each day includes and in-depth study of the scripture, questions and application points for the reader.



Community Study

This study will help you begin to take your own steps in building a lifestyle of prayer and community. With each step, you will find a challenging word based on God’s word, a personal community challenge for you and a prayer for your journey.



Praying With Power

This five-day study is designed to introduce you to some of the powerful prayers of the Apostle Paul. Each study offers optional responses to help the reader engage with the text.