The Imperfectly Brave Gift Guide ::: what I swoon for

Dear friends,


I love finding just the right thing for all the people in my life. In fact, I become quite obsessive. Just ask my husband (sorry Michael, to death do us part). In the midst of all my searching, I have found some gems and wanted to share. Enjoy a good shopping sesh right here at Imperfectly Brave, while I show you my current swoon-worthing loves.



she shirt

She Reads Truth She Shirt

I have been swooning over this since the first time I saw it. It must illicit all kinds of feelings in me because I KEEP COMING BACK TO IT. Maybe that it looks so insanely comfortable — like butter — that I want to wear all day every day. Or maybe because it creeps into the mini girl-power inside of me. The best part, I know the mission behind She Reads Truth and it coincides directly with my heart beat. Yes, open your Bible and fall in love with your Maker. If this shirt points anyone and everyone in that direction, then I say YES.


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.15.12 PM


Altar’d State Fringe Booties

Hello, Fringe. Have I told yet that I love you and that I am still kicking myself of getting rid of my fringe boots years ago?  You cordially have my invitation to come back into my life. PS Altar’d state is THE VERY BEST. Jesus + loose tops + great books + great jewels + killer music the entire time you shop = one happy customer.



My Etched Life Tee

Well, wouldn’t this be a nice reminder to wear every day, all the days, for the days? God is within her, she will not fall. Psalm 46:5. My friends at My Etched Life are insanely creative, but more importantly, their heart pounds for women to know Christ and to equip them in every way. I personally am going to ask them to make this in an undershirt because I want this truth



Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.11.54 PM

Noonday Collection Pagoda Necklace

Tassel meets gold. Nothing else needs to be said, except this: Noonday Collection has my heart. Women helping women. It is a socially responsible business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities around the world. This little bobble is from India. You can wear it knowing that one woman in India is feeding her family and learning that even she has a bright future ahead. Yes, please.


Nickel and Suede earrings

You guys, can I lament for one hiccup of a second? About four years ago, my right ear ripped. I was just walking through Sam’s Club, reached up to my right ear and the (ginormous) earring ripped right through the long lobe. Oh my goodness. Wouldn’t you even know I have a drawer full of gorgeous, heavy, lovely earring just next to me at my nightstand? I dream of wearing them again. Like this one — just like this little leather gem. I might love this one enough to snag it and switch it to clip on.


Kristin Schmucker Chosen Necklace

I adore Kristin and she doesn’t even know who I am. Isn’t social media funny? I adore her because the Bible is her accompaniment for every little thing. Like this necklace. Isn’t it just lovely? What would the church look like if we knew each and every moment of each and every day that we were chosen. Different, it would look different, in the best possible way.



Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 6.52.49 AM

Bamboo Wood Lid

Because who wouldn’t want to drink water out of this? Especially with that fruit inside. Maybe in 2016 I will start drinking more water with fruit inside of it…maybe.


srt calendar

She Reads Truth Calendar

I love a calendar like I love a calendar like I love a calendar. I live in 2015 and I still use a paper calendar that hangs next to our kitchen table and my husband and I still break it out every week and fill it out. So a little piece of artwork hanging next to my kitchen table with truth plastered tall and proud? Of course, please make your home on my wall.

etch abc

My Etched Life Alphabet Cards

I have two sweet girls. Have I told you about them? One is 2 1/2 and talks in the sweetest small voice until she gets passionate about something and she just about bursts. (I wonder where she gets that from?) Then I have a 1 year old and she is just the smilingest baby there ever was. I adore these two and every morsel of my heart aches for them to know the freedom of knowing Christ. So — enter these cards. Lovely designs while teaching simple (yet profound) truths. You could hang yourself a whole wall of them, or just keep them on your table like us and reach for them for a quick truth sesh.



day designer

Day Designer

If you have seen me around town, then you have more than likely seen my Day Designer, too. I am not short of obsessed. I like it old school. The notes of To-Dos, the hours, the top three goals for the day. I love scratching a pencil over the blank pages. My children will think I am crazy someday that I choose paper over phone, but VIVA LA PAPER! I choose you!


lara casey

Lara Casey’s Powersheets

My dream: to see the church become the hope of the world all over again. The plan: pray and dream while filling out Lara Casey’s Powersheets about what is next for Imperfectly Brave. (I already have some good — to great — inklings about where God is leading). This pages are a dream for a visionary and an implementer. I am so grateful Lara took her wealth of knowledge and put it into a format for the world to use. I can hardly wait for a quiet afternoon in a coffee shop, the Word and these pages. 2016. Let’s do this.


beth moore

Audacious by Beth Moore

I am reading this RIGHT NOW and I can hardly believe I am typing this gift guide and not reading it instead. I practically had to pull myself away from the pages. She put my whole heart beat into words. She is releasing God’s women to live wild and free, unashamed, courageous lives for Christ. No more ho-hum. No more la-te-da. No. She is charging the warrior girls to be exactly what the cross made us be — audacious. If you want 2016 to look different than 2015 then read your Bible and pair it with this. Prepare to be unleashed.

i want God

I Want God by Lisa Whittle

The thing about this book is that it actually made me Want God More. I will never forget sitting on my patio underlining and praying. Underlining and praying. Underlining and praying. This book lit up revival in my soul. Where revival was dwindling, God breathed and created a small forest fire. Lisa Whittle isn’t afraid to get into our deeply rooted American minds and toss them around a bit. We need this, friends. Christian women need to dig deep and ask what we want more than God. And then our lives will change for the better, not vice versa.

Anything by Jennie Allen

For the life of me, I can’t get the image to upload, but know this: when you pick up this book, and if your heart is open, you will draw closer to God. Not just closer, but drawn into the greatest adventure of your life — learning to pray anything. The two words that I took out of this book are short and sweet, but powerful and life-changing. I am praying for reckless abandon in pursuit of my Savior. You can too. We can both live the adventure we were created for.



Imperfectly Brave

Imperfectly Brave by Whitney Putnam

Why? Because the bravest place we can be is in God’s arms. This book did something in my soul. My first ever time to put words to white paper and put a bind to it. My first ever time to seek God unabashedly and ask that the women who read this book seek God the same way. My first ever time to teach the exact words God has poured into my heart. It is simply time for God-believing women to look our futures straight in its eyes and say, “I am stepping into the game. No more hum-drum life. No more mediocre. I want to take back brave, God.” It is time to step into our redeemed selves and take back brave.

So, dear friends, these are simply a few of my favorite things! Happy giving!



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