The Imperfectly Brave Story ::: Edition One

Imperfectly Brave Living


So many of you have been following imperfectly brave and may still be wondering, what in the world? What is imperfectly brave? What is Whitney doing?  How is God speaking to her? And so many of you have said to me — yeah, I want to be imperfectly brave, too. Well darling friends, I want to let you in on the faith story of imperfectly brave and where God is leading it — mainly because I want to see all His girls, just all of us, being imperfectly brave together.


And while we are on the topic, let me be crazy clear. I am learning to be imperfectly brave every single day. Some days I absolutely stink at it. My feet drag and my heart limps behind it. Ask my nearest and dearest. They could assure you that we could bottle up all my tears and put them in jars labeled Imperfectly Brave and build our own storehouse (Dear Michael and crew — I am sorry — you know I have an ugly cry). But there is nothing more satisfying than the imperfectly brave, faith-filled, God-seeking, heart-pumping, life-sacrificing journey. And as crazy as it may seem, I hope for whole generations of women entering into this kind of life — and how I pray that you will join.


This journey has had so many leaps of faith, but today I want to bring you the big three. Last January 2014, I started writing a book. I had no idea what I was doing but I felt God released me into writing actual words on paper. I wrestled so much with all the words and people and what direction to go. I wrestled long enough that I actually wrote it – me and God — we wrote the book — we wrote Imperfectly Brave. That was leap of faith one.


Leap of faith two was attending a writing conference. Do you know the feeling of playing a sport and having actually no clue as to what the rules are or even how to hold the ball? Yeah, well, that’s how it felt walking into a writer’s conference. I was the girl holding the slippery ball, awkward and unknowing. People were practically talking in a different language — all I had were my papers that had been cried over and fought for through lots of prayer and loads of quiet. In hindsight, I was most-assuredly bug-eyed the entire weekend. At dinner one night, I met a woman in the book world who has been my gatekeeper. She saw past the bug-eyes into my heart that really and truly longs most for God. She has walked the imperfectly brave journey with me and believes that imperfectly brave could be a part of shaking our nation and waking up women. I do too. I think our God-dreams are the same. Since then, we have prayed for imperfectly brave to get into people’s hands — and it will — soon.


The third leap has come in the doing. It has come as God has redefined bravery in me. Yes, He has given me a vision of women getting with God, listening, obeying Him and being led into their imperfectly brave lives — but I am constantly giving the dream back to Him. I sit with hands, palms-up and wide-open to what He has ahead for my city, for His girls and for our churches. And although the constant giving back the dream hurts some days, I know that God builds the best things.


In the upcoming week, I will be revealing what God has been building through imperfectly brave and what the vision is for the coming months (subject to change — says God). I know — just know — that you have an imperfectly brave life inside of you and I can’t wait to get it in our hands.


Until then, I will be sitting here with hands open, willing to leap off the cliffs God brings me to. And I dare say, you join me. I am believing it could just change our world.





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  1. I love Imperfectly Brave for all the generations. I pray this for my daughters (and sons)!

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