To the woman who wants to be brave but doesn't know how

Imperfectly Brave Living


To the woman who wants to be brave but doesn’t know how,


Oh, girl. I know you. I know how you think and you think and you think about everything. I know how you wake up and wonder what needs to get done, who needs to be loved and how you can please the most people. I see you when you get tired and overwhelmed. I feel all your places. I walk your roads.  And maybe you read this and maybe you have pondered living an imperfectly brave life.


Maybe you have thought – yeah – that’s nice, but brave isn’t for me. I will never write a book. I will never speak to women. Those aren’t my places. And I nod with you, because those are likely not the wide and broad places God has for you, but know that there is enough land for all of us to have room to dance. The problem is, before understanding all of the brave places, you have decided that brave is for the strong  — I am here to tell you that brave is for the




I know that some days you wonder, how you are even going to make it count? Where do you even open up your Bible? Or where is your Bible? But really, where? Then there are other days that you cling to the Words because you need them to settle into the empty places because even though there are busy days there are lonely, long and hollow places in a big and beautiful heart.


Oh dear girl – being imperfectly brave is just for you.


I know brave is for you because your kids see how much you give and pour and sacrifice. And your floors, even though they aren’t mopped, they are well worn with the coming and going of life – and if there is life – then God can move. And even in all the working, you feel as though there is no significance, no life-change, no importance. Some days, even if your hands are working, you feel the farthest from




And love, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Brave isn’t about the biggest and baddest and greatest story. You don’t have to be called to go to Africa. You don’t have to feed all the people or take in all the babies. You just have to be quiet before Him. You see, brave is about the quiet, sacrificial, giving places. It is about pouring out to let God in. It is about breaking and giving over of ourselves again and again so that the lost and the lonely and the poor and the needy get the found and the together and the real rich and the filled up.


So girl, if you are thinking that brave isn’t for you and you want to walk away, then I dare you to let God speak. Ask Him to speak and be willing to listen. If you are just trying to get up in the morning and get through the day, then at least get up in the morning and ask God to redefine brave. It doesn’t have to be all big and grand, but it does have to be all desperate and in need of the King.


The bravest things are the God things.


Wake up today thinking about the end — the end of everything. Think about the day that you will get to stand before the throne of Heaven and say, “My brave looked different than her brave, but my brave was for YOU,” and do you even know what He will say? I can hear it in my ears now. Yes, RIGHT NOW.


Well done, my girl. Well done.


So, tired one, who hasn’t made it out of jammies or girl who is in full-on kicks and a kick-butt dress, know this – your brave is a redefined brave. It is in the listening brave. It is in staring today wide-eyed and pouring yourself out for the ways of God because His Words say so brave.
And just so you know — You go, girl. You just go. You hold onto His word and be weaker than weak and let His brave wash all over you. Because brave is for you. I promise, it is just for you.

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  1. Whitney I love your honesty. I love how you are speaking out loud the very things we have all felt at one time or another in our lives. Your words aren’t just about statements of truth, but wonderful encouragement and motivation. My prayer is that we believe it. We believe that He called us in this specific time on earth for His specific purpose and we simply need to listen to Him, be filled by Him and follow Him. I encourage you to keep allowing Him, Whit, to use you as He is. Love you bunches.

    1. My hope is that we believe it, too. I hope we see our lives and our callings as big as God sees them. Love you too.

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