What If We Prayed?

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I didn’t know how to pray. In fact, I’m still learning how to pray. I think I want a prayer coach. (Can that be a thing? Can someone make that a thing?) What I have learned since developing Imperfectly Brave is that prayer is in my top two important things I can do to cultivate my relationship with God.


Be in His Word. Be in prayer. (One. Two.)


But we don’t really talk about prayer. Why pray? How to pray? What happens when mountains aren’t moving? What happens when I don’t know what to say? Should I pray out loud? Is that ostentatious? Should I only pray in my closet? What if I keep praying the same thing over and over again and nothing? (Can I get an amen?)


Prayer is loaded.




Scene: Prayer.


Enter my friend. I’d like you to meet, Kim Lounsbery. The Imperfectly Brave team met this sweet friend last October during the first ever Imperfectly Brave Weekend. She is a prayer warrior with a prophetic edge, and a huge heart for women’s ministry.


This week Kim wrote the team after coming across some emails sent during the weeks leading up to the Weekend. I remember, too, how the Lord spoke and worked through the team–how everyone gave of themselves to put God first, to help His name be proclaimed across denominations, across churches, for His glory.


I would like to share some of Kim’s encouraging email. We know her prayer group is not the only one experiencing God’s grace and His greatness. Listen to Kim’s words, and know that our Savior has plans for each Imperfectly Brave woman.




“When I look at our prayer group, it seems like we have been meeting for years. We have bonded in a way that I can’t describe. We have prayed, cried and laughed, but most of all we stand in awe of God’s Wonder. He has answered so many prayers for us and those around us. We have literally seen lives changed.


This group isn’t what we thought it would be but I believe it is EXACTLY what God wants it to be. He shows His face every Wednesday evening when we come to him with our burdens, praises, hopes and fears. The blessings I have received from these women and from God would not have happened without Imperfectly Brave.


While planning the weekend we were all so amazed at how God worked. My prayer now is that we all continue to be amazed at our wondrous God. While life leads us all in different directions, we all have the same goal… Jesus.


Thank you, Ladies–

–For the affirmation that God is Good.

–For the wisdom and knowledge you have shared with me.

–For the example of God’s love in action.”

Kim Lounsbery




Friends, prayer can be for us. It can be for you, too.


What I have learned in my quest of prayer is daily disciplines:

Quiet places.

Slow and deliberate movement in His Word.



I’ve also learned power in praying together.


A prayer group where walls are chipped away at, where vulnerability becomes a necessity, where forgiveness is lived out and community is leaned into.


It’s a place where you can search for your mustard seed if you are in a season of searching. It’s a place where you can plant it if you need some good soil. It’s a place where God can grow your seed up, because He is in the business of growing us up.

And we all know what happens when a mustard seed is planted and grows.


Mountains do move.*


To find out about prayer groups, head over here.


xo whitney


*Mountains are moving in our prayer groups. I’d love if you emailed me if you want to share your own personal stories.

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