Why I Can't Give You A "5 Ways to Be Brave" List

Imperfectly Brave


You guys. I just can’t bring myself to create a “5 ways to do something” blog post. It just isn’t in me. I see all of them floating around and I love reading them. 5 ways to get alone with God. 10 ways to simplify my life. 6 life hacks to just be better. I love them all. I devour them off Pinterest because who doesn’t want 16 ways to keep your marriage steamy?


It’s innate. I love a good list.


Tell me what to do and I’ll do it like a boss. I can be a robot like that. Ask my best friend from college, Eli. I once used to make lists that detailed out my day to the bone. I would wake up at 6 am and work out (in college, what?). I would then pencil in my class times and my study times. I was the girl that was in the library on the very first day of college classes. True story.


And now I am sitting on the other side of the fence wondering why I can’t make a five-pointed bullet point list. And you know what it is? I just can’t ever figure out the formula.


Don’t mishear me. Remember: I adore all the lists floating around the web and the helpful tools. It’s just that for me, right now, every time I sit down to try to bring my readers a list, I get my panties all in a wad.  Maybe my list days are over for a season.


While writing Imperfectly Brave, I began to ask God what He wanted to speak through the book. Bravery. It’s such a big word. Such a ginormous platform and it’s all something we want deep inside of us. Believe it or not, I genuinely think all of us were made for bravery, it’s simply that the world has twisted a very powerful word and made it vanilla. We’ve wrapped it up in all of our American ways and made brave something it was never intended to be. Brave is more than a sign on the wall with a giant arrow pointing beneath it.


(Although maybe I have that sign and I love it).


…Brave is getting up early to meet with Jesus because you know He is your lifeline. Especially when no one in your house knows Him or cares to know Him and you just can’t stop hearing His voice to Come.


…Brave is forgiving her and letting her know that you want to reconcile.


…Brave is making a new friend in the church. Maybe the one you’ve always thought was hard to love.


…Brave is quietly serving inside your house. Dinner, cleaning, laundry, bathrooms….with a joyful heart.


…Brave is finding reason to rejoice, even when there are no reasons.


…Brave is teaching your babies scripture and slowing everything down to give her one long squeeze.


…Brave is holding your tongue.


….Brave is sacrificially serving your local church.


…Brave is honoring your household budget.


…Brave is removing yourself from evil and discerning God’s voice through that call.


….Brave is walking worthy in the manner to which you have been called.


…Brave is dying to self. Over and over and over again.


Brave isn’t always big like the world tends to make it. Brave is often quiet, small and sacrificial. Maybe only Heaven will know. And maybe that is good.


So I can’t, dear reader, give you 5 ways to be brave. I wish I could, but your brave will look so very different than my brave. Maybe your brave today is just opening up your Bible because maybe it has all gotten a little dusty — your heart and the Word. Maybe it is one single text message, “I love you.” Maybe it’s loving the very unlovable.


Today my brave is ____________________________________.


And maybe someday I will figure out how to be brave in list form. But for right now, I am simply going to say the one thing I know. My only bullet point. My blank piece of paper filled with my one thought — your bravest place is in God’s arms. Get there no matter what and He will lead you into your brave places. And your brave places will begin to be your sweetest places because God will become your author.


I love you, brave one. Your adventure is ahead.

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