Why the Church Needs to Join the Battle Against Abortion ::: because maybe we are just as guilty salad-munching and wine-drinking

Imperfectly Brave Living


The planned parenthood executive just sips wine and eats salad while talking about broken limbs and crushing body parts. She talks about the heart, the liver, the limbs, the muscle — because it’s a baby and babies have body parts. She isn’t even lying to herself anymore that it is tissue or some blob void of life. She knows full well what she is doing and somewhere along the line has become so hard to the darkness of it all that she can just go on eating while discussing murder for money.


I am almost physically ill.


I am also not surprised. I work at a pregnancy center — everyday girls come in wanting an abortion because our world — like this lady — has said it is okay to dispose of a human life. Everyday we love young women who are finding themselves pregnant. We give them a free ultrasound and they see that heart — yeah, that heart that is sold for cold, hard cash — we show them those hearts and at that point there is no disputing the beauty of life.


Abortion is real and it is happening everyday and if you want to be out of your mind sickened go here to see just how out of control our world is (and all I can whisper is come Lord Jesus, come).


Here’s the thing that is the most gripping to me —


Just like that woman munching on salad and wine, I have sadly seen something that hurts almost more. I have seen some churches sit idly by. Not all churches, but some churches. And to the church that is speaking in love the truth of abortion, thank you. You are shedding light and educating many. You are telling the woman that has had an abortion, there is grace — because there is grace. You are telling your congregation that although abortion is legal, it is not okay. You are not ignorant to the fact that someone’s daughter in your congregation might need to use the services of a pregnancy resource center. Thank you, if you are this church.


But I also have to say this — do you know how many conversations I have had with pastors that go like this:


I don’t want to say anything about abortion because it will polarize my congregation (munch, munch, munch).


Maybe babies shouldn’t be born if they are going to be born into poverty. I mean who wants that kind of life? (Sip a long sip of white wine).


Why does my city need a pregnancy resource center? Abortions, that isn’t happening in my city. (munch, munch, munch — hello — wake up — we have your church members daughter’s come through our doors all the time).


My closest friends are often surprised when I tell them about these responses. It is surprising to think the church isn’t clear on this issue. God is creating and forming beautiful lives in their mother’s wombs and the church is scared of polarization.   I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around it.


And as I have wrestled with whether or not I should post this, you should know that I am one hundred percent completely for the building up of the whole body — I am completely for unity among the church . I am so for the whole structure being joined together, growing into a holy temple in the Lord (Ephesians 2:21). But building up also means revealing and asking the body to grow in a specific area. To challenge one another in love — to see that there is evil going on in the land and for us to lock arms and fight it well — together.


This is what I know, yesterday I sat in a meeting asking for grant money knowing full well we wouldn’t get it because we basically needed to become the “world”.  As the woman kept speaking, I kept thinking, “This is why the church must support pregnancy centers because the world never will.” We must band together.  As an advancement director at a pregnancy center, everyday we look at our bank account and trust God, everyday we meet with clients that have more emotional issues than we know how to handle, everyday we are depleted emotionally and physically because we pour out love on each woman because that’s what Jesus did.


Church, your pregnancy center needs you. We need you to support us. We need to be added to your budget line. We need you to know that, more than likely, at least 25 abortions are happening today in your city alone. We need you to know that those girls are coming to us, and we are loving them by showing them life, but we can’t do it on our own.


So church, would you consider supporting us on the front lines? Would you, pastor, be imperfectly brave, and say I will no longer fear the world and polarizing my congregation and building my church kingdom — but instead, would you, church, join us in the battle?


We love the girls well, I promise. We do our best to extend the grace of Jesus every single day. We tell the truth. We empower women to make an informed decision about life. We love her even after she gets an abortion — but we grieve with her, too, because the people on the other side are taking that heart and selling it for $100. (Because could you imagine selling your heart for $100?)


There are ways to get involved. Go here to see where a pregnancy center is near you. Call them. Support them today. Also, let’s fight back. Interestingly enough, Liberty Women’s Clinic just launched #embraceeverylife campaign. Let’s make it go viral. Let’s speak up and join the battle, Church. Go to www.embraceeverylife.com to see how you can help.

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