Year of Calling: God's Workmanship


Week 11 Word: God’s Workmanship

Week 11 Text: Ephesians 2:10

Written By: Chrystan Ferrell


“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good woks, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10 ESV)


I’ve always wished that I was a painter. I believe the art of painting is beautiful! I like to watch those time-lapse video’s online where there’s a blank canvas and the artist turns it into an incredible masterpiece. Something from nothing. What better illustration of God’s workmanship than that? Something from nothing. You, dear sister, are something from nothing–created with purpose. A true masterpiece.


What we know about the book of Ephesians is that Paul penned this to the church in Ephesus while he was in prison. The letter was written to remind them who they were as a new creation in Christ and as the new, unified body of believers. There was still so much turmoil between Jew and Gentile. Paul, a disciple of Jesus, is reminding them they were created and intended for purpose. Created for good works.


When an artist creates, usually it is with a purpose–with a vision–in mind. Maybe they are staring at a beautiful scene on a lake or have a sunset horizon in mind. Maybe they are potters forming clay into a vase. Creation seems to always be intentional, for a purpose.


When God created you, it was not by accident; it was for purpose. Here in Ephesians, Paul is reminding the believers in Ephesus that one of their purposes was for good works. As Holman Illustrated Bible Commentary puts it, “Good works are not accidental to God’s plan; they are instead part of His redemption plan for each believer. Good works are demonstrated in gratitude, character and actions.” Well, that’s a convicting call. If we are created for good works, under intentional workmanship by the Creator of the universe, how are we demonstrating that in our day-to-day?


Gratitude. Character. Action.


The Artist created you with intention. He started with a blank page, a white canvas, a lump of clay, and He created a masterpiece–a great work–in you. You were created with intentionality and personality. Created to go, love, serve, teach, preach, give, pour out, bring grace, fight injustice, stand with the orphan, and care for the widow. What a great life we would have if we focused on the idea of being God’s Workmanship and reflecting that through Gratitude, Character and Action! Yes, amen, and all the praise hands! You are his image bearer, created to do great things with this one life. Now get up and go act like the walking masterpiece you are!


Application Questions:


1. What does Gratitude in the act of good works look like in your life?
2. How does Character play out through good works in your life?
3. What Action through good works is God calling you to this week?
4. Task; go tell someone they are God’s masterpiece created with intention! Tell us about it below!!!

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