Year of Calling: Love for God's Word

Week 39 Word: Love for God’s Word

Week 39 Text: Psalm 1:2

Written By: Diana Dunne


“But they delight in the law of the Lord, they meditate on it day and night.” (Psalm 1:2 NLT)


It was September 14, 2015. I was sitting with a copy of The Daily Bible: In Chronological Order, and it felt heavy in my hands. I’d had it on my bookshelf for years. I sighed, and began my prayer:


“Lord, I’d really love to read the Bible through in a year. I really would. But You know how many times I’ve tried. And You know that I get through Genesis, and maybe Exodus, and somewhere in Leviticus I’ll give up. You know it, and I know it.”


“What if you challenge yourself to find one verse in the passage and write a poem in response to it? One poem a day.”


I sat stunned…and a bit thrilled at the idea. For me, this was the perfect challenge. I had always loved literature — loved the power and beauty of words. I had begun dabbling in poetry writing the last couple of years. Here was a project that captured my imagination.


On September 14, 2016, I finished my final poem — back where I’d started a year earlier, in the Book of Job. (God definitely has a sense of humor.) What a year it had been! My love, my awe for His word had exponentially increased. I had begun to see for myself how His themes and motifs threaded through His entire text.


During that year, even the “boring parts” came alive for me. I read the lists upon lists of people and their tribes, and I started to appreciate how He cares for families and individuals — how He calls us by name. I began to appreciate how pervasive and how hideous idolatry truly is. I read the endless lists of laws and sacrifices and festivals, and I saw the image of Jesus, again and again … and again!


Most of all, I learned that delving into His word consistently made me so much more aware of His presence in my life each day.


In full disclosure, “life happened” during that year. There were several times when I got a week, even a month behind in my reading and writing. But God again creatively gave me grace (and suggestions) on how to catch up. My year goal (September to September) was completely artificial, completely my own deal — yet God cheered me on because He knew me well;  a deadline was what I needed to get past this “failure” that had haunted me most of my adult Christian life. And He made it FUN.


You’ve heard it before. Maybe, like me, you’ve tried it before–this reading some scripture every day. (I’ll bet some of you girls have even done many annual read-throughs of God’s word. I salute you!) The point is this: you want to love God’s word? Read it. Read it and respond to it as much as you can. Ask our creative Father to help you. He is full of ideas, full of grace, full of joyful help.


God is waiting for you to love His word more and more and more!


Application Questions:


Open your mind to what “meditating” on His word day and night might look like for you. Maybe some of these questions will help:


  • God, I have a problem with reading Your word on a consistent basis. What do You suggest I do? Or…


  • God, my bible reading has become a legalistic chore I just check off my list each day. How can I rediscover my joy and wonder for Your word?


  • How can I use my creative side to spur my desire to be in Your word?


  • What is my best time of day for this? (Be really open here; surprisingly, I ended up realizing evening worked better for me, in general. I would have sworn I’d be a “morning poet.”)


  • How would You like me to get started? (Maybe a Psalm focus? Maybe Four Gospels? Maybe online “verse a day” via app or email? Endless possibilities!)