Year of Calling: Reconciled

Week 14 Word: Reconciled Week 14 Text: Romans 5:10 NLT Written
By: Caitlin Skidmore “For since our friendship with God was restored
by the death of his Son while we were still his enemies, we will
certainly be saved through the life of his Son.” (Romans 5:10 NLT)
It’s so easy to feel like we deserve things from God. Easy to forget
that without Jesus, we wouldn’t even have access to God, and it’s
only because of His grace that we have anything. He is the reason we
have hope, salvation, peace. In Romans 5:6, the Bible says that while
we were still powerless, Christ died for us–the ungodly. That goes
against everything that seems fair to us. We crave fairness. We soak in
movies and stories where the hero battles the villain and overcomes
crazy odds to save the innocent. Evil loses and good wins and we
cheer! But when a story unfolds and someone undeserving…

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