Year of Calling: Seek First His Kingdom

Final Week Word: Seek First His Kingdom

Final Week Text: Matthew 6:33 NIV

Written by: Whitney Putnam


“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33 NIV)


Once upon a time, a highly sensitive girl had to leave everything she knew in Florida to move to a land called Texas. A ballerina at heart had to hang up her shoes and her so-called life to start over. And for a high-school student, this felt epically dramatic.


And maybe it was.


Worry and anxiety crept in, and making new friends felt impossible. Keeping up the good girl persona and the straight “A” report card seemed necessary. And finding a way to do it all led to a crash course of eating disorders and an unhealthy need for love. Getting out of the hole she dug felt impossible.


And maybe it was.


Flash forward to 2017 Christmas – wanting to give her family everything and make her home an actual sanctuary of Christmas lights and nativities. (Pinterest can make a woman feel a cut away from Scrooge.) But something finally felt different for this child of God. Maybe there is a way to not feel like such a failure and to stop worrying about measuring up to the world.


Maybe there is actual hope.


Jesus gives us the cure for all the anxiety a woman can build inside her own castle. He mentions it in a simple one-liner—a one-liner that spoon-feeds us this Advent:


“Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you.”


What things will be given to us, you ask?


All the things we worry about measuring up to – what we will eat and drink, what our bodies look like and what we will wear. From middle-school insecurities to middle-aged fears, Jesus frees His people by giving them the cure for worry.  


And it starts and ends in seeking Him.


But what ways can we practically seek Him this Advent? How do we become the women that behold His glory in the mundane? And honestly, how do we stop trying to measure up? How do we kill our fears?


We seek first God first. He is the only one that will satisfy.


Then we seek His ways. We die to ourselves. We empty our cups. We give ourselves away. And suddenly, we move from thinking so much about ourselves to thinking about the cross and those He died for. And a woman who empties herself this way is suddenly a woman who is living boldly, dangerously and fulfilled.


It’s an upside pursuit. Of course it is. It’s always upside down with God. He sent His son to be born in a lowly manger to save the whole world. But when we seek Him first and imitate His life of love and service, we become women of purpose.  And a woman with purpose has no room for fear; she has new places to hope.


Application questions:

 1. Who can you empty yourself to today? Is there an employee you can ask to lunch? Or does your child need some individualized attention? Could there be an assisted living home you can serve? Schedule some time to give yourself away this week.

2. We won’t be able to empty ourselves to everyone, but we can pray as the Lord prompts. As we pray for those He brings to mind, we are working on their behalf. Spend some time in prayer for others this week.